Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

    1. Purpose of Document

      The purpose of this document is to outline the IT services Terms and Conditions offered by Network Limited to its clients.

    2. Definitions

      Supplier: Network Limited
      Company Number: 04498416
      Office: Seven Stars House, 1 Wheler Road, Coventry, CV3 4LB
      Telephone: 024 7601 0100
      Email: enquiries@networkltd.co.uk
      Client: Anyone requesting support or development from Network Limited
      Working Hours: Working hours are 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding UK Public Holidays.
      Language: Support Language is English.

  2. The Contract

    1. Acceptance

      It is deemed that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, if you ask for IT support from Network Limited, whether by phone, an arranged visit, email or any other method or if you sign a contract that references these Terms and Conditions.

    2. Abbreviations

      For ease of reading the phrase Network, where used below, will always refer to Network Limited.

    3. Pay As You Go

      Network can work on a “Pay As You Go” basis, unless we have agreed a regular Maintenance and Support Contract, development contract or other agreement separately.
      Should you require a call out as a “Pay As You Go” customer, this will be charged as the following:

      Initial call out fee: £100 ex VAT.

      Per hour fee: £75 ex VAT.

      Minimum charge of £175 ex VAT.

    4. Fees and Charges

      Network charges from £55 per hour plus VAT for IT support and from £65 per hour plus VAT for Software Development.
      If you are within 15 miles of Coventry or Royal Leamington Spa, we don't charge additional mileage but our travel time will be charged for. Where mileage, is charged, it is at the Inland Revenue rates.
      There is No call out fee, (except for urgent and outside working hours requests).
      When we work on your system in our workshops we only charge for "hands-on" time; this means we don't charge for time when the PC is loading a program, for example.
      Charges are for labour only and do not include any parts that need supplying, fitting or replacing.

    5. Service Provision

      When ordering this service, you are agreeing to the immediate provision of the service, and you cannot cancel it under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. This service is not a substitute for you taking appropriate steps to maintain and safeguard your computer systems using regular backups, running up-to-date anti-virus products, and adopting other relevant security and maintenance procedures.
      In providing this service we will use our best efforts to provide remote and on-site support within the timescales agreed with you. However, all dates and times are estimates and we cannot guarantee that we will meet them. If as part of this service, you are required to install any software you agree to install and keep this software. If you refuse to install this software this may mean that we have to offer a reduced level of service or withdraw the service completely.

    6. The Service
      1. IT Support

        Network's service provides you IT services in the following areas:

        PC Hardware:

        • Configuration
        • Repairs
        • Replacements
        • Upgrades

        PC Software:
        We support major business applications in the following areas:

        • Security
        • Entertainment
        • Graphics
        • Video & Photography
        • Specialist software products
        • Loading & Reloading
        • Configuration
        • Training
        • Upgrades
        • Repairs


        • Firewalls
        • Anti-Virus
        • Data Backups
        • Data Encryption
        • Firmware Updates

        Network Management:

        • Router Configuration
        • VLAN Management
        • IP Configuration
        • DNS Management
        • Domain name management
        • DMARC, DKIM, SPF Management

        Advice & Help:

        • IT Architecture
        • New Hardware Requirements
        • New Software Requirements
        • IT Projects
        • Software Development
        • Policies
        • Email
        • Internet
        • Network
        • GDPR
      2. Software Development

        Software Development:

        • Web based system development
        • Database development
        • Database management
        • Application Development
        • Android and Apple App Development
        • Application Programming Interface (API) Development
        • Other bespoke software and system development services
      3. Phone Systems

        Cloud hosted phone systems:

        • Hosting
        • Deployment
        • Configuration
        • Management
        • Support
      4. Hosting

        Web Hosting:

        • Physical server hosting
        • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced scalable web hosting
        • Azure Hosting
        • Domain name management and hosting
        • Email hosting
        • Other IT Services
        • IT Hardware Purchasing
        • Office 365
    7. Service Delivery

      The methods of support offered are:

      • Site Visit
      • Remote Control Software
      • Telephone Help Desk Support
    8. Your Responsibilities

      These services are not a substitute for you taking appropriate steps to maintain and safeguard your computer systems using regular backups, running up-to-date anti-virus products and adopting other relevant security and maintenance procedures, Network can advise and setup regular backup procedures.

    9. Timescales and Cancellations

      In providing this service we will use our best efforts to provide remote and on-site support within the timescales agreed with you. However, all dates and times are estimates and we will try, but cannot guarantee, that we will meet them. Unless otherwise agreed, this agreement can be cancelled at any time by either party by providing 30 days written notice.

    10. Payment

      Payment of invoices shall be made within 30 days of receipt, either by cheque or Bank Transfer, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

    11. Goods Supplied

      There goods have been supplied they remain the property of Network until the invoice has been settled. fIf the invoice remains unpaid for more than 30 days, Network reserve the right to take the goods back in to their ownership.

    12. Software and Licences

      The client will be responsible for all costs associated with Software and Licences. Where remote VPN support is required, any software enabling remote access and any licence fees for remote third-party support/management software will be paid for by the client.

    13. Travel

      Network rates start from £50 per hour, plus VAT (where applicable). When we come to you; the rate includes our travel time i.e. from Wheler Road, Coventry to you and return. If you are within 15 miles of Coventry, we don't charge additional mileage. If an overnight stay is required. The cost of this stay, including reasonable subsistence charges, is passed on to The Client at cost.

    14. Inflation

      Network Ltd reserves the right to increase the support charge per user in an annual review linked to the UK inflation rate (Consumer Price Index or CPI).

  3. Arranging IT Services

    1. Service Specifics

      Service calls can be placed in several ways:

      • Telephone: 024 7601 0100
      • Email: enquiries@networkltd.co.uk
      • Dedicated IT Support email address for regular clients
    2. Working Hours

      Hours of cover are 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, excluding UK Public Holidays. Tasks outside normal office hours are by prior arrangement only and are billed at time and a half. Work carried out on Sundays or on a bank holiday is billed at double time.

    3. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

      Only clients with a regular support agreement or on a monthly support package qualify for our Service Level Agreement. Ad-hock clients do not qualify for any guaranteed Service Level Agreement. If no other client specific SLA’s have been agreed, for clients on a regular agreement then the following apply.

      1. Emergency Calls

        In the event of an emergency call being placed, a Network engineer (or appointed contractor) will be made available to remotely diagnose the call within 4 working hours of the original call. This response time is given provided that remote access is available for our technicians. If a site visit is required, Network will ensure that an engineer (or appointed contractor) is available within 8 working hours. Emergency calls are classified as a business critical system being down at a business-critical time.

      2. Non-Emergency Calls

        In the event of a non-emergency call being placed, an engineer (or appointed contractor) will be made available to remotely diagnose the call within 8 working hours of the original call. This response time is given provided that remote access is available for our technicians. If a site visit is required, the timescale for the visit will be agreed mutually between Network and The Client on a call-by-call basis.

      3. Regular Visits

        Regular site visits might be made on a pre-agreed arrangement and listed in a Regular Maintenance and Support Contract or development contract as agreed separately.

  4. General

    1. Access

      You must give access at the time of the agreed visit. Failure to do so may result in us charging for the missed appointment.

    2. Fixing a Fault

      If a fault cannot be rectified on-site, we will give you the option to have the fault rectified off site. If any hardware requires repair, we will provide you with a quotation to carry out this repair if it is an item that we can obtain parts for. If we replace your main hard drive, we will re-install the operating system and restore the latest backup if you have the relevant software licence key(s). If your hardware is faulty and under warranty, we will endeavour to liaise with the equipment manufacturer on your behalf. We will not repair any equipment under warranty. The price for this service does not include the cost of any parts, hardware or software that may be required.

    3. Agreement

      You agree:

      • To our engineers or approved contractor having remote access to your computer systems
      • To install or allow us to install approved anti-virus protection to all systems (subject to any software licence fees)
      • To have technical details regarding your systems recorded on our database
      • To allow us to create any administration accounts that we may require
      • To have appropriate health and safety compliance
  5. Intellectual Property Rights

    Where Network is employed by a client to develop software for the client the Intellectual Property developed will belong to Network unless another agreement has been reached.

    1. Software as a service

      Network retains all Intellectual Property Rights around any software that is developed by Network and provided to a client as a service.

  6. Data Protection

    Network will take all reasonable steps to meet data protection standards including those standards as laid out in the GDPR. Further information about our data protection, Privacy Policy and GDPR documentation can be found on our website.

  7. Exclusion of Consequential Loss

    Network will not in any circumstances be liable to the Client for consequential, indirect, or incidental loss (including but not limited to loss of profits or lost sales) damage or expense howsoever caused.

  8. Confidentiality

    Both parties to this agreement warrant that they shall keep confidential any information concerning the business affairs of the other.

  9. Enforceability

    Should any clause in this agreement be deemed by a UK court to be unenforceable, such clause or part shall be deleted without affecting the integrity of the rest of the Agreement, which shall remain valid and enforceable in accordance with its terms.

  10. Entire Agreement

    Both parties acknowledge that this Agreement expresses their entire understanding and agreement, and that there have been no warranties, representations, covenants, or understandings except such as set down hereto. The parties further acknowledge that this Agreement supersedes, terminates, or otherwise renders null and void any, and all, prior agreements, or contracts. Clause headings are understood by both parties to be for guidance only and do not limit, condition or alter any individual clause.

  11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties to the Agreement submit to its non-exclusive jurisdiction. The place of performance of the Agreement shall be deemed in England.

  12. Language

    This Agreement is prepared in the English language, which shall prevail over any translation in the event of a conflict of interpretation.

  13. Modification of Terms of Service

    Network reserves the right to modify or change these terms of service at any time. All clients are bound by the latest terms of service published on this website.

  14. Customer Referral Scheme Policy for MSP (Managed Service Provider)

    1. Introduction

    At Network Ltd we value the trust and satisfaction of our clients. Our customer referral scheme is designed to recognise and reward our existing clients for recommending our services to other businesses. This policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for participating in our customer referral scheme.

    1. Eligibility

    All existing clients of Network are eligible to participate in the customer referral scheme.

    1. Referral Process

    Existing clients can refer potential new clients to Network by providing their contact information through email at hello@networkltd.co.uk or via the website:


    Referrals should include the referred company's name, contact information, and details of their specific IT needs or challenges.

    1. Referral Rewards

    Existing clients will receive a £100 Amazon Voucher for each successful referral that leads to a new client engagement with Network.

    Referral rewards will be distributed after the referred client signs a contract and begins services with Network.

    1. Eligibility Criteria for Referral Rewards

    To qualify for the referral reward, the referred client must meet the following criteria:

    Sign a contract for managed IT services with Network for at least 12 months


    Sign an agreement for at least 1 day of project work.

    1. Confidentiality

    Clients participating in the referral scheme must ensure that any information shared regarding potential referrals is done so in compliance with confidentiality agreements and applicable laws.

    Referrals should not disclose sensitive or confidential information about the referred company without their consent.

    1. Compliance

    Clients participating in the referral scheme must adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards throughout the referral process.

    1. Modification and Termination

    Network reserves the right to modify or terminate the customer referral scheme at any time, with or without notice. Any changes to the policy will be communicated to clients accordingly.

    1. Contact Information

    For any questions or concerns regarding the customer referral scheme, clients can contact hello@networkltd.co.uk or by calling 02476 010100.

    1. Acknowledgment

    By participating in the customer referral scheme, clients acknowledge that they have read and understood the terms outlined in this policy and agree to comply with them.

    Date of Last Revision: [29.04.2024]

    Network reserves the right to update and cancel this policy as needed.