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3CX is the leading cloud-based VOIP phone system in the market. It has a full range of features such as recording transcription, call queues, ring groups, hold music, call recording and all the advanced features that you would expect from a modern phone system.

3CX is always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, no matter where you are in the world, so long as the device has an internet connection your phone system will work.

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How It Works
How It Works

Network will setup the system and manage it for you so there is no technical aspect to worry about. 3CX is the front facing phone system that connects internal numbers together and allows control over features through a web interface.

Network will setup 3CX in Amazon Web Services, AWS is the industry leader for cloud servers and services. 3CX connects to our SIP trunk partner to send the external calls via SIP Trunks. See more about SIP trunks below.

Once the system is up and running all that is left to do is to give you a way to use it. This can be achieved by using physical handsets, 3CX app on a mobile or the 3CX desktop app.

3CX In Action
3CX In Action

Network use 3CX for our own phone system and while Network have been working remotely all staff have been using the 3CX app that runs on our mobile phones. This meant that all staff could pick up the main office number at home as if in the office.

It is easy to transfer calls from the app meaning communication between staff members was always available.

Without this solution, working remotely would not have been so successful. With a potential new hybrid way of working, having the ability to reach those at home has never been more of a priority.

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SIP Trunks
SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are designed to replace traditional phone lines. SIP Trunks use broadband internet connections to connect your business’ phone system (PBX) to the traditional phone network (PSTN) without needing to replace your existing hardware.

With the PSTN network due to be switched off by 2025, now is an ideal time to experience the benefits of connecting your business phone system to the internet.

Essentially SIP Trunks are virtual tunnels that connect 3CX to the rest of the world to find numbers and connect the calls. Network will arrange all this in the background as part of the setup using our SIP Trunk partner Gradwell. Network have established a good relationship with Gradwell. They have been a key part to Network offering VOIP services to its clients and us. Gradwell have been a reliable SIP trunk partner over the years with minimal downtime.