National Apprentice Week 2024

Network Apprentices

National Apprentice Week

In a forever evolving industry, it's imperative to have skilled workers in the IT industry. That's where National Apprentice Week comes in. This is important to Network because it shines a light on how apprenticeships can help bring new ideas, fill skill gaps, and make the IT field grow.

At Network, we're proud to say that all our employees in the past 13 years have come through apprenticeships. Network believe in giving people the opportunity to break into the industry and give them the chance to succeed.

Don't just take our word for it though! Take a look at what our current apprentices had to say about their apprenticeship:

Peter: "As an IT Support apprentice, I've been able to get real, hands-on experience in the tech world, setting me up with a solid foundation for my career in IT."

Jamie: "An apprenticeship has not only allowed me to break into the industry but also provided a platform for developing my skills. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking to kick start their career in this field."

Sandra: "I went for a complete career change in my 30's, going from 15 years in Customer Service to an entirely new industry! The apprenticeship program really helped me in my transition, making it possible for me to train in a completely new area while gaining valuable on-the-job experience. I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone starting out, no matter what age!"

Henry: "Being a software development apprentice has given me the opportunity to learn and work with industry-level individuals. To pursue my passion in web development, I joined Network Ltd which has given me valuable experience."

Patryk: "Being an IT apprentice has provided me the opportunity to collaborate with highly experienced individuals, whose expertise has positively influenced my own growth, enabling me to advance much faster than if I had pursued alternative educational paths."

Are you looking for an apprenticeship?

If you are looking for an apprenticeship, Baltic Apprenticeships has supported us tremendously over the last 10 years and are our go to experts for training our apprentices. Check the link below to see vacancies near you.

Click the link to find out more information Baltic Apprenticeships