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Our IT solutions and our approach allow the businesses we work with to focus on what they do best. As your business grows, Network will match the IT to your requirements and work within your budgets, recommending IT improvements to compliment your business processes.

IT as a Service

Network offers leading packages to provide core IT services to businesses for a fixed monthly fee. One fixed monthly fee covers provision of core business services; Microsoft Outlook/Exchange (email, calendars, tasks, contacts etc), Active Directory for secure computer logon, shared file space, complete backup, server hardware, PC/user computer hardware, IT infrastructure hardware. All costs associated with the core IT systems can be covered by one fixed monthly amount variable only by the number of users of the system. Additional specific business applications can be included in the monthly support cost.

Businesses need not worry about the cost of hardware or software and simply let Network take charge with a simple per user pricing model.

Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? The Cloud refers to enabling email, files, pictures and data in general to be stored in large computer data centres which can then be accessed, by you, from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet. Cloud data centres are setup so that if the computers in one data centre have a problem, there are other computers in another data centre with a copy of your emails, files, pictures and data etc so that you can still access your information un-interrupted.

As cloud services are now being used by lots of people the benefits of this setup are that you get access to highly advanced IT in the cloud data centres very cheaply. Why worry about your PC losing your work, email or pictures when for a small price the most advanced cloud IT networks can keep it all safe for you.

Whilst there is a lot of talk about cloud computing it is difficult for businesses to know how cloud computing will impact them. Network Ltd understands cloud computing and is able to use this understanding to recommend cloud services to clients at the right time. For most of our clients the available internet connection to their premises does not yet warrant major forays into cloud computing, however we are certain that cloud computing will be delivered to all of our clients and, as the available internet connections improve and the multitude of cloud services mature and consolidate, clear business cases will form for moving core services into the cloud.

Cloud computing for our clients will lead to increased reliability/higher availability of IT services, reduced overall costs and standard monthly billing, no more large capital outlays for IT hardware will be required.

VOIP Telephone Switchboard Solution

Network Ltd offers a Voice Over IP telephone solution. Our VOIP solution is a phone switchboard that works through the internet. So you can access your phone system from anywhere in the world. Our VOIP phone system is extremely reliable offering a comprehensive phone solution at very competitive prices. This telephone solution can scale from one user to hundreds with little effort.