Man writing website code on a glass whiteboard

Do you have an IT Problem at home or at work, which you cannot solve? Have you searched all available packages, but there just doesn’t seem to be a good solution to your problem? We are experts at building bespoke solutions to your problems, which will be tailored exactly to your needs. We build customised web based database's which are predominantly used to improve your businesses efficiency, to improve tracking and record management and to add on-line eCommerce to your business.

Network uses its close understanding of how our clients work to identify areas where existing or bespoke web based systems or software can improve our client’s business processes. Our solutions can range from simple scripts to automate a repetitive process to full database backed systems that run the whole business.

Bespoke web based system

Network Ltd is a heavy user of the Drupal Open Source content management system. We build many modules for this system and rate ourselves as one of the leading Drupal developers in the UK. Our solutions with this system range from simple client facing marketing websites to complete business process management such as stock control systems.


Bespoke website design – want something flash and exciting to inspire your customers? We are able to design a range of websites, which can include videos, shopping carts, blogs, forums etc.

  • Template website design – We set up the template in which you customise with image, content, etc. whenever you want! A simple, cost-effective solution to web design.

Desktop application development

Network Ltd predominately uses .NET to develop applications to fulfil specific business requirements. We have extensive experience of developing Windows Desktop applications and converting these applications to web-based/cloud-based systems.

Smartphone and mobile apps

Network Ltd works with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone having produced Apps for all. Our apps for these platforms tend to be simple apps that complement the web-based databases/business process systems that we have built for our clients.